Our school philosophy is simple: to run the best schools available anywhere, at any price.

Doing that is anything but simple, however. It takes hard work, excellent organization, and talented, dedicated staff. We believe that all of these ingredients are essential but the recipe begins with experienced, friendly, and capable riders and teachers.

Carters@theTrack schools start with the industry's highest instructor-to-student ratio -- 20+ instructors for a 30 student group, or 1:1.5. Our staff is there for one reason: to teach. And we love it. We provide every student guaranteed one-on-one instruction, each school day. 45 minutes at a time, on the student's schedule with the instructor he or she chooses. Our classroom lessons cover key riding techniques and have defined lesson plans, developed from lots of collective thinking. Each school is structured with programmed variety, to help break up the day and yet offer new insights to better riding.

Novice Schools

Novice schools are for experienced street riders with little or no racetrack experience, as well as for riders with moderate track experience who want to improve their riding skills and confidence.

The racetrack offers an ideal teaching environment with its 36' wide, near-perfect road surface, its predictable corners, and its large, modern, climate-controlled classroom. This setting is perfect for practicing and improving skills, building self-confidence, and getting practical, real-time, individual instruction from professional track school instructors. Our large staff of experienced instructors and a full complement of professional corner workers ensure a safe riding and productive learning environment.

With our two-group format -- two small groups alternate track time with our instructors and classroom time working on specific lesson plans -- You'll get much more track time than most any other school offered. And for a lot less money!

Intermediate Schools

Intermediate schools are for more advanced riders. Commonly they have had track experience riding in intermediate or advanced groups at open track days.

Intermediate students are capable of riding at reasonably fast speeds but require some individual instruction to overcome weaknesses, improve skills, and tackle more advanced riding techniques.

Intermediate schools have the same format as above. Instruction is more advanced and the track pace is quicker. In addition we offer a special, optional session at the end of day #2: practice race starts and a three lap sprint.

Our two day schools include, as part of the student tuition fee:

Which school is right for me?

It all comes down to where you feel you are with your riding.

If you are new to the track or need to work on lines, body position, reference points, staying composed at speed? Novice School. Ready to notch it up and work on lap times, passing skills and race technique? Intermediate School!

AFM-approved New Racer Schools (NRS)

New Racer Schools (NRS) provide the certification required to club race with the AFM.

Important note: The word "school" can be misleading. Think of the NRS like a DMV driving test. Your time on the track is not for learning to ride or race better but to demonstrate that you are ready to race safely and capably. The NRS does not teach you how to become a better racer. If riding or racing instruction is what you seek you should attend our novice or intermediate schools

Without question, it is always a good idea to get plenty of track experience before attempting to race. Very few fast street riders are fast track riders without experience. We have no rules that say you must have a certain level of experience. But we have found that the best candidates for racing have at least a year or more of track experience (several track days at a minimum).