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Join us next on Monday, October 11  @ Sonoma Raceway!

Meet the new motorcycle events provider for northern California! We've taken that great experience you've come to love and turned it up a few notches! Carters@theTrack, led by Jesse & Leah Carter, brings more than 15 years of motorcycle riding and racing knowledge to all your favorite racetracks.

We have run hundreds of events for thousands of riders. We've learned what you want and enjoy. Sign up today and discover what the buzz is all about!

2021 Schedule is finally here!

This year seemed to take a little bit more work than normal, but we are proud to announce the new 2021 Schedule!  Hopefully everybody likes it as much as we do!

We will open up the website on the first of the year, so you will have to wait until then to start signing up or buying your passes.

March 13th-15th     Thunderhill East          
    (NRS on the 14th)
March 22nd.           Sonoma Raceway
April 3rd-4th           Thunderhill West
April 12th               Sonoma Raceway
April 16th               Laguna Seca Raceway
May 8th-9th.          Thunderhill West        
    (Shemoto's Ladies Weekend)
May 10th-11th.          Thunderhill East          
    (Ken Hill Advanced Schoool)
May 24th-25th        Thunderhill East          
    (Ken Hill Novice/Intermediate School)
June 5th-6th           Buttonwillow              
    (Original track,  AFM Race configuration)
June 12th               Thunderhill East
June 13th               Thunderhill 5 mile! 
June 25th               Thunderhill East          
     (AFM Friday,  NRS available)
July 24th-25th.       Thunderhill East
August 9th              Sonoma Raceway
August 14th-15th    Thunderhill East
Sept 5th-6th           Thunderhill East
Sept 10th               Thunderhill East          
     (AFM Friday,  NRS available)
October 11th          Sonoma Raceway
October 23rd-24th   Thunderhill West
Nov  1st-2nd           Thunderhill East  
Nov  27th-28th        Thunderhilll East      
    (Ken Hill Advanced School)

Ticket packs will be the same price this year.  $800 for a 5 pack, and $1500 for a 10 pack.  With ticket packs there will be premiums on the Sonoma, Laguna, and School days.

Our Thunderhill Season Pass will be $2,000, and you will only have premiums for the schools.  

And our full season pass for the best deal is $2,900.  There will also only be premiums for the schools, but not for the Sonoma or Laguna days.  

I know we have had a lot of people asking about season passes, and we only have so many of them for sale.  So make sure you order them early when they go up for sale in January!


Currently Thunderhill Raceway, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and Sonoma Raceway all require that you wear a face covering when you are not on track.  If you can not adhere to these rules, please do not sign up for the event.  


All bikes are measured for sound, every lap. If your bike exceeds 90-92dB it will be flagged off the course. You will be given a second chance. However, a third violation bans the bike from the track for the day. If your bike's intake and exhaust systems are "stock" you will be given a third chance.   If you are using an aftermarket with a DB killer you will only get two chances before you are done for the day.

Aftermarket pipes are prohibited unless they have commercially-made quiet baffles ("dB killers", etc.). Jay Murray's custom-made "quiet inserts", are acceptable. Contact Jay at 831-659-4729 or email

NRS SCHOOLS are Free again this year!

Who is excited to do some racing with the AFM?  We have 3 NRS schools on the schedule for 2021.  The first will be March 14th, June 25th, and September 10th.  This year to help support the AFM we are offering the NRS Schools at no extra charge again to help bring more racers into the club!  (You do have to pay for the track day, but not the school, $50 value!) Come get your license and then join your Carter's family at the races with the AFM!

Pro J's has opened their new shop!

Jose with Pro J's Cycles has now opened his new shop in Richmond.  If there is anything that you need for your bike before you head to the track, make sure you swing by 12432 San Pablo Ave. and see Jose.  He has everything that you would find at one of our trackdays, so you can get everything you need beween events with us.  Don't forget that off season maintenance!  Give him a call at 510-233-8484, or go to his website!


Now you only need to give us 48 hours if you need to cancel an event.  Outside two weeks you can get a refund - Paypal fees, but inside of two weeks and up to 48 hours before the event, you can cancel and we will give you full credit to use in the future.  Now there is no worry about signing up early!


Ken Hill will continue as head instructor for our Schools this year.  We are planning one Novice/Intermediate School, and two Advanced/Pro School!

Ken is proven to be one of the best coaches in the business, and his ability to break it down to a level that is fun and easy for everybody to understand is unmatched!

We will have the Novice/Intermediate School on May24th and 25th.

Our Pro/Advanced Schools will be on May 3rd and 4th, and another on November 1st and 2nd.

If you want to step up your game, there is no better way to improve your riding skills than one of our two day schools!

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